People Reached

Students, leaders, pastors, children, communities, and more have been impacted by the Acts29 schools, Who has been doing short-term missions


Impacted Countries

Acts29 Schools have been done in more than 15 countries, during 3 months in each one, challenging cultures and languages.



More than 45 Acts29 schools have been done around the world, teaching, training, learning, and sending to do the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Acts29 started in Ecuador

Acts29 has arranged around 10 schools in Ecuador since the start in 2004. This makes Ecuador the most popular country for Acts29. We simply love Ecuador. The national church IPEE (Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico del Ecuador) has many congregations scattered throughout the country. They have longed as much as we have to be visited again by the schools´ teams during internship weeks.

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Acts29 News

The first school in South Africa has started and is now on its third week. Students and leaders from four nations are living in the intens and formative experience Acts29 provides. Please keep them in your prayers!


Looking forward we can now present more details of the coming school in Thailand 2024. The school will start on the 27th of January and end on the 20th of April. The base will be located to the village of Maeyangha, a Karen community appr 2 hours drive from the city of Chiang Mai.
More About Thailand School 2024

Upcoming Schools

Acts29 Zimbabwe 2024

agosto 31

Hi friends! As the first school of this year, in Thailand, is just completing its...

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